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REXELite allows to search for a suite of waveforms compatible with a target spectrum, generated according to EUROCODE 8. Read the PDF tutorial

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How it works

REXELite is an application which allows to search for combinations of seven 1- or 2-components strong motion records, compatible in average with a specified code spectrum. More specifically, REXELite:

  1. automatically builds code spectra for any limit state according to Eurocode 8 (CEN 2003) spectra and the new Italian building code spectra (CS.LL.PP. 2008, 2009)
  2. finds the set of seven records having the most similar spectral shape with respect to that of the code, and whose average also matches the target spectrum in a user-specified period range and with the desired tolerance.

The records are extracted according to specific features, in terms of magnitude, distance and soil conditions selected by the user. The set of accelerograms of the combination (see Figure for an example) may include unscaled (original) or amplitude-scaled records and may be used for code-compliant non-linear time history analyses of structures.

REXELite Working group

REXELite is a simplified online version of the computer program REXEL (Iervolino et al., 2009), developed by Iunio Iervolino and Carmine Galasso, of the University Federico II of Napoli, for selection of ground motion suites for code-based seismic structural analyses.
REXELite was developed within the INGV-DPC S4 project  funded by the National Department of Civil Protection, coordinated by Francesca Pacor (INGV, Milano) and Roberto Paolucci (Politecnico di Milano), in cooperation with RELUIS. The online implementation was made by Andrea Spinelli of IMTEAM.


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  2. Iervolino I., Galasso C., Cosenza E. (2009). REXEL: computer aided record selection for code-based seismic structural analysis. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. DOI : 10.1007/s10518-009-9146-1.
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